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How can you make a difference? 

You can help make the vision a reality. A financial contribution, small or large, is significant to ensure that we can continue to stand by the victims, in a professional, sustainable, and independent manner, over time.

The rights of victims, the investigation of the truth, and the pursuit of justice, without borders in the name of unconditional humanity. This is our mission.


Your donation will enable the continuation of the action, in The Hague, in Germany, France, Israel, the USA; as well as in front of Israeli authorities. We are acting from the field and directly with victims of the October 7 atrocities, all victims, including, survivors, murdered, kidnapped and their families who choose our (pro bono) international legal representation, at no cost to them.

We invite you to be part of the response for reconstruction and stabilisation for the direct victims,  Israeli society as a whole, and democracies worldwide by using the means afforded by law and universal values, so that we fulfill the moral order: never again.

If you have the right skills for the goals and activities we lead, and wish to join us, you are welcome to contact us and send a cv and letter of interest.

Legal actions have immediate and long-term effects

Your donation will go directly to recruiting experts, lawyers knowledgeable in their domestic legal systems, investigators, analysts, legal assistants, and experts in support and assistance to vulnerable populations (women, children and displaced persons), covering expenses that will allow us to dedicate all the resources required to realize the goals of the legal representation.

The costs include legal representation, collection, preservation, and analysis of evidence in secure databases, direct and ongoing communication with the victims at every stage of the procedure, travel expenses for testifying in criminal/civil proceedings, expert opinion to identify the economic structure of terrorism (Follow the Money), translation fees and more.


The goals are to ensure truth, recognition, justice and compensation for the victims and their communities, while seriously damaging terrorist infrastructures so that truth is established and to prevent similar acts from occuring in the future. Our actions will help ensure that the perpetrators of atrocities, and their accomplices, cannot roam freely in any democratic country in the world. We need it, every democracy needs it.

You can make a difference for a sustainable, professional and independent legal action

תודה על תמיכתך!

Bank Account Details

October 7 Justice (Ltd)

Ha'Poalim Bank (12) Branch 609 Account Number 187351

IBAN Number IL600126090000000187351


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