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Direct and indirect victims of the events of October 7 - abductees, survivors and the remains of the assassinated

Our organization works at the spearhead of the legal front to bring justice to direct and/or indirect victims of the October 7 atrocities. We are in contact with multiple groups in need of legal representation, allowing them to unite under the legal umbrella and our unique strategic litigation.

Why is legal representation needed?

1. Centralization of reliable information against humanitarian bodies such as the Red Cross


2. Information security based on personal and long-standing familiarity with relevant mechanisms that guarantee certainty that the information reaching organizations or families is reliable and secure and through safe means of communication.


3. We make our experience available to you and connect with the best in their field.


4. The representation allows us to speak on your behalf and to activate the remedies available to the various mechanisms and courts, in The Hague and around the world.


5. Promoting the immediate and long-term goal of recognizing the truth of the victims and acting to exhaust their rights; and reducing the scope of action of the perpetrators and their facilitators, deterring future facilitators and ensuring that international and state authorities are engaged in the immediate and unconditional release of all the abductees

What does the process look like?

Any concrete action is done solely with your approval. Alongside the general legal strategy, we tailor legal action to your specific needs.


We maintain a direct, weekly contact. We send a collective update of information to the families represented regarding recent developments (for example: where we filed claims, what are the developments in The Hague, and in foreign countries, with which UN mechanisms we acted directly).


Request for additional information

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