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October 7 Justice Without Borders (Ltd.)

Pro bono, Strategic Litigation for Victims of October 7 Atrocities

 International and Domestic Legal Representation in criminal and civil litigation


תביעה אזרחית משותפת של ארגון October7Justice ועבור אזרחים ישראלים בארה"ב כנגד אונר"א, בגין אחריות הארגון בפשעים בינלאומיים שבוצעו בשבעה באוקטובר


We provide unmatched legal expertize in strategic litigation for unconditional humanity, representing victims of international crimes. We lead victim-centered justice, collect and preserve evidence and channel them to the investigations and lawsuits/prosecutions we lead. We build coallitions of experts in their field to reach our goals.



Pro bono, Strategic Litigation Initiative Providing International Legal Representation for Victims of October 7

October 7—Justice Without Borders is an Non-Profit with a mission to enable every victim to receive a tailored and expert legal representation set to its individual needs, thus ensuring equal access to justice irrespective of financial constraints.

We encompass global strategic litigation across criminal and civil courts, including directly at the International Criminal Court (ICC), domestic courts and other relevant international tribunals.

Who Can Sue?

Direct and indirect victims of October 7 atrocities - hostages, survivors and the estates of the murdered victims.

Our organization works at the spearhead of the legal front to bring justice to direct and/or indirect victims of the October 7 atrocities. We are in contact with multiple affected communities in need of legal representation, allowing them to unite under the legal umbrella and our unique strategic litigation.

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Our Initiatives

Leading an International Legal Front of Justice Without Borders in the name of Unconditional Humanity

Att. Yael Vias Gvirsman

CEO and Founder of October 7 - Justice Without Borders

Att. Yael Vias Gvirsman is an expert in international criminal and humanitarian law, with a vast experience of 20 years in litigation and representing victims of crimes against humanity around the world. ​

Throughout the years, Vias Gvirsman has built expertise in Strategic Litigation, which entails legal action in multiple, well-targeted fronts with an objective-focused approach. She is an independent, specialized attorney building coallitions with like-minded attorneys. She also receives support from HIAS, the Forum for Families of Hostages and other philanthropic, non-governmental, and non-political private entities. This time the front is right at home. On a personal note, "my heart is grieving like many of us, and I know how important an immediate, highly professional response is, as well as the adequate legal representation you deserve, that will allow us to harness and exhaust all the means at our disposal to end impunity for Oct 7 atrocities."

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Press and Media


Contact Us

If you are a direct or indirect victim, if you wish to bear witness of what you saw or know; if you want to donate or volunteer and be part of the answer, please leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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