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We offer a unique worldwide legal strategy that enables justice for each victim and family, who receive a tailored approach fit for their needs, expectations, and wishes from the procedure

Justice without Borders, under the banner of unconditional humanity, for the benefit of the victims of October 7

Since October 7 a dedicated team has stood by our side. In each jurisdiction, we build

coalitions and partnerships with lawyers and non-state stakeholders – experts in their proper jurisdictions.

Other activity consists of establishing partnerships with experts in the field, victims and survivors, as well as civil society and NGOs with the capacity to preserve evidence, investigations, or others. We do not receive any government funds and raise funds from civil entities who share the universal values of the initiative for Justice without Borders for October 7 Justice.  

Att. Yael Vias Gvirsman, CEO and Founder of October 7 - Justice Without Borders

Expert in international criminal and humanitarian law, with a vast experience of 20 years in litigation and representing victims of crimes against humanity around the world. ​

Att. Yael Vias Gvirsman is a graduate of the Humanitarian Department at the United Nations Secretariat in New York, the Department of International Law at the Attorney General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of International Affairs at the State Attorney's Office. Over the years, Yael has dealt with humanitarian aid and international law on various fronts: she is the first Israeli woman to represent at The Hague, in the defense and representation of victims, in setting precedents, representing in proceedings from beginning to end with great success, as well as making a written and oral argument before the judges of the High Court - as early as 2011, and since 2008 at four international criminal tribunals for Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Yugoslavia, working on crimes and representing victims and strengthening investigations of international crimes in Ukraine, Congo, Sudan and elsewhere. Yael counsels international organizations in her field of expertise. She is the founder of the Clinic for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law at Reichman University, a member of the board of directors of the ALMA Association for the promotion of International Humanitarian Law, a member of the International Law Organization (ILA) as well as war crimes and human rights awareness at the International Bar Association (IBA).

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Meet Our Team

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